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Our Stories, Our Future, Inc. is a nonprofit organization seeking to uplift the voices and stories of historically marginalized groups through access to more diverse literature. We will fulfill our mission by supplying diverse literature to youth affiliated organizations and to individuals in the greater South Bend, Indiana community.



Book Grants

To encourage literacy among students, we provide individual book grants directly to students. Potential recipients are identified by local schools or

other local organizations as students who qualify for free and reduced lunch and who need literacy support. Once identified, we prepare a gift of two

grade-level reading books, two activity-focused workbooks to encourage reading, and stickers to track the student's progress. This gift is given directly

to the student at no cost to encourage and enhance their literacy. We aim to provide 150 families with gifted books every year.

Family Night Workshops

Once a month, we are invited by a local school to attend the school's Family Night. A volunteer from our organization speaks to the families in

attendance about the importance of reading not just individually, but together as a family. We focus on the importance of building a child's library, so

they have books that inspire them to read. We also stress the importance of parents reading with their children and reading on their own. Everyone in

attendance, both children and adults, receives a book of their own to take home and read. We aim to connect with 20-25 families every month.

Teen Book Clubs: 20% of our time

Local organizations that host teenager afterschool programs invite our volunteers to lead book clubs. Participants who sign up, typically up to 15

students, receive the book we are discussing and participate in a 6- to 8-week club. We get together and discuss the book and promote literacy to the

students. We aim to lead three book clubs per year.








Pizza and Books Field Trips: 20% of our time

Partnering with local schools, we invite entire classes on a field trip. Students receive a pizza lunch and a discussion about the importance of reading.

We like to show children that reading is fun and there are so many more books available than the ones assigned by teachers (which aren't always the

most exciting to read). At the end of the discussion, students are able to select a book of their own to take home and read. We aim to invite 250 students

per year for these field trips.

Administrative and Marketing: 20%