Fear of a Black Universe: An Outsider's Guide to the Future of Physics (Hardcover)

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"The rabbit hole gets wrestled here. An old school saying applies: the more you know, the more you don't know. Dance along this read into the unknown and find out that this book may be the best ever answer to 'What is soul?'"
--Chuck D, rapper and co-founder of Public Enemy

*Starred Reviews* from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly

In this important guide to science and society, a cosmologist argues that physics must embrace the excluded, listen to the unheard, and be unafraid of being wrong. Years ago, cosmologist Stephon Alexander received life-changing advice: to discover real physics, he needed to stop memorizing and start taking risks. In Fear of a Black Universe, Alexander shows that great physics requires us to think outside the mainstream -- to improvise and rely on intuition. His approach leads him to three principles that shape all theories of the universe: the principle of invariance, the quantum principle, and the principle of emergence. Alexander uses them to explore some of physics' greatest mysteries, from what happened before the big bang to how the universe makes consciousness possible. Drawing on his experience as a Black physicist, he makes a powerful case for diversifying our scientific communities. Compelling and empowering, Fear of a Black Universe offers remarkable insight into the art of physics.

About the Author

Stephon Alexander is a professor of physics at Brown University and the 2020 president of the National Society of Black Physicists. He is also a jazz musician and released his first electronic jazz album with Erin Rioux. The author of Jazz of Physics, Alexander lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

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ISBN: 9781541699632
ISBN-10: 1541699637
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication Date: August 31st, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English