Healing The Child Within (Paperback)

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Healing The Child Within (Paperback)


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The main reason so many people never realize their true potential and accomplish their dreams is because they have a poor relationship with their inner child. They're split off from this little person that was them many years ago. When you divide yourself this way you're never truly whole and these two parts of you are always working against one another. You think you're an adult, guiding your life along, but nothing could be further from the truth.

50% of your mental and emotional programming is done by the adults in your life by the time you're five years old. Because of this, your child self is in the driver's seat, either afraid to move ahead or careening around corners. Would you ask a child for life guidance? Of course not, and yet that's what's happening to you every day. How scary is that? Is it any wonder that life seems so confusing, scary, frustrating, and maddening at times?

Your inner child means well though, it's just been mistreated and misguided. She's trying to protect and help you, but your child-self is filled with fear and doubt when it comes to your true potential. Your inner child has become your inner critic, sending you negative messages every time you try to accomplish a goal. You then become frustrated or hopeless and give up ... again.

Throughout this book we'll look at various ways your younger self was misguided and poorly programmed, and ways to start communicating with her and helping her to heal. You'll forge a new and better life path that will get you where you want to go. You'll rewrite the early childhood life script you've been reciting all these years and release outworn beliefs that were firmly put into place by your caregivers.

This isn't a book of blame though. We aren't here to punish your parents or other adults who failed you in some way, especially since they were following the programming set into place by their own caregivers. It's a vicious cycle, but you're here to break that cycle and carve a new and wonderful pathway for yourself.

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Publication Date: January 26th, 2015
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